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Wedding Photography Lusty Glaze ~ Wedding Photographer Lusty Glaze

The hottest week on record and we had the perfect place, a wedding photography and videography job at Lusty Glaze in Newquay, Cornwall, oh and not forgetting the opportunity for some drone video at Lusty Glaze!

After all the guests made it down the steps the wedding began with the ceremony on the beach at Lusty Glaze. Chantelle & Neil looked stunning in their colour coordinated outfits, matching the sun sand & sea. Their wedding day went like a dream with wedding photography on the beach and caves. We even managed to fly the drone over Lusty beach for the epic heart shaped group of everyone!

As wedding venues go, Lusty Glaze is really quite special and unique. There are hardly any wedding venues where you are literally right on the beach. The knock on effect of this on your wedding day is huge because everyone just feels so relaxed and happy to be there!

Lusty Glaze is the prefect venue for wedding photos

Lusty Glaze Beach in Newquay is quite possibly our favourite wedding venue, only a 4 hour trip and hotel booked for a couple of nights…perfect

It is, to the best of my knowledge, the only wedding venue in Cornwall where you can get married right on the beach. Lusty is a privately owned cove with a wide sandy beach. As you’ll see in our selection of Lusty Glaze wedding photography, the caves and sunsets at Lusty are spectacular! The backdrop, the atmosphere and the fact you are on a beach combine to produce a really chilled occasion

Vicky and her team at Lusty are amazing and deliver your wedding day in an efficient and informal way. Richard the Chef is in charge of the the food at Lusty and in this occasion jamaican Vegetarian food including Jerk Chicken…of course

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Wedding Photography Lusty Glaze

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