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Planning a wedding can be pretty daunting, especially as most people will have no prior experience of the industry. So, to help you navigate through all the photography related jargon We’ve put together a list of the most common questions we receive from our couples

How far will you travel?

Well, we’re based in Farnborough but are happy to travel as far as you need free of charge. Obviously we have limits, we don’t charge any travelling fees unless it involves flying or more than 200 miles driving one way (400 round trip). Just let us know where you’re planning to have your big day and we’ll confirm if there is a charge or not (we always try to not charge if it’s possible)

What if we decide to cancel?

Please read our Terms Of Business on cancellations

How do we make a wedding photo/video booking?

Once you’ve decided you want to book with us for your wedding, it really is as simple as contacting us via the contact page (or email/phone) and checking we have your dates available. We do book up quite a long way in advance so please don’t hang around too much. Once we’ve confirmed we’re available, we’ll send booking form to provide us with some finer details of the day dont forget to read our FAQs on bookings.

When do we have to pay and how much is the deposit?

We work on a first come first served basis when taking bookings. This means that the date will only be guaranteed once we’ve received a deposit of £200 and a booking form is completed after confirming our Terms Of Business. The remaining balance for the wedding is then due 4 weeks prior to the wedding. We accept payment by credit/debit card and cash.

What happens after the booking has been made?

After our initial discussions, we will be in touch by email around a month beforehand where we will go through the finer details of your day and plan your video/photo shoot. Generally we do not offer meetings as in the summer months especially we are simply to busy so all the final plans are made by email and/or phone.

Can you liaise with my Wedding Planner or Vicar!

We prefer all communications are with the couple

Are all of the photos & video I receive edited?

Absolutely. Every single image is hand edited one at a time to make sure it’s as perfect as it can possibly be. We believe as modern photographers/videogrpahers that the moment we activate the shutter and capture a moment is just the start of an amazing process, an initial vision in a string of events that all adds up to the final image you receive. We won’t batch process your images, copy presets from another wedding or rush creating the images that tell your story. We pride ourselves on this.

Is this the only style of photography/videography you shoot?

We really believe there is the perfect photographer out there for everyone, and that doesn’t always have to be us (although it would be nice). We desperately urge everyone to have a good look through our galleries to see our style and if this is what you’re looking for from your wedding day images. If you see images in our galleries that you like, then let us know as this all helps us to work towards the final look of your photos.

Do you photograph and arrange the group shots?

Yes, we do, we know that these images are an important record of your day. During our initial meeting we chat through this and then we get a confirmed list of the group of people that you would like photographing from you before the big day. If there are other groups you would like to add to the list, or remove from it, then we run through all of this at the pre-wedding meeting to confirm what you would like. We usually try to keep the number of shots down so this doesn’t eat into our valuable time capturing relaxed reportage images.

How long do you need for the couples wedding photos?

Again, this really depends on lots of factors such as the venue and where we plan to shoot the images. We suggest that your couples photos are done in two fairly short sessions. The first can be at any time during the day and we suggest around 30 minutes. The second we suggest is just before sunset to make sure you get some really stunning images and this is done quite briefly in around 10 – 15 minutes. This way it doesn’t take up too much time in your day but also gives us the time we need to make these photos as perfect as they deserve to be. As before, we always scout out the area we plan to take the images before the wedding so we can put a more accurate time on this so you are able to plan your day more precisely. Ultimately, this is your day and we are always happy to take as much or as little time as you wish for any part of your day’s photography.

What happens if it rains on the day?

That’s not a problem at all, we’ve photographed lots of weddings where it’s rained. On our pre-shoot recce, this is exactly the sort of thing we are looking into. We always have backup plans and locations in case of rainy days, be that inside the church (pews are great for the group shots) or inside your venue that will be beautifully decorated, rain never ruins the day. We even have a secret supply of amazingly cute wedding wellies and bridal umbrellas just in case you fancy having a seriously fun shoot in the rain, these always make stunning images!

Can friends and family view and buy the images?

Yes just contact us with your requirements

Who owns the copyright to the wedding photos & video, can I print my own or share the video?

As the photographer, we hold the copyright to the images but all images are given to you to use as you wish with no restrictions on printing or sharing.

What equipment do you use?

We LOVE camera kit and have an extensive amount of it! Whereas many photographers will use substandard gear we believe that you have to use the best to be able to create the best. We only use genuine Nikon & Panasonic professional cameras and lenses full stop. Anything else just doesn’t cut it. We also carry a full Nikon pro backup kit just in case it’s ever needed.

Do you have insurance?

Yes we do, not only for the crazy amount of equipment we have but also public liability and indemnity so we are completely covered. If your venue needs us to supply an insurance certificate, then please let us know at least a month before the wedding and we will send one to them. You could even just give them our details and we’ll deal with it all directly as we know how hectic it can be running up to the wedding.

Extra Time

It may be possible to add extra time to your package. The rate is £145 per hour for photography and videography. Please contact us if you may need this

How many photos will I receive?

Every wedding is completely different and it really depends on the collection you have chosen. There is no upper limit to how many we will supply as we’d always give you any images we think are great.

How long will it take to receive the photos/videos?

We know how exciting it is getting your images and also how frustrating it is waiting for ages for them. We aim to have them with you within 2 – 6 weeks. This isn’t always possible if we have a very heavy workload, but we do everything we can to meet this target. If you have ordered an album then the time for this will differ but we will keep you fully updated during the process.

Why are you called The Wedding Photo Company?

We started taking wedding photos and quickly realised that we could adapt or skills to wedding videos very easily, now we not only offer wedding photography & video but also Live Streaming, Drone footage and even your own personal wedding website!

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