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We’ve photographed at lots of venues ranging from English country houses to London hotels, but we don’t think we’ve ever shot a wedding at a venue quite like The Aviator Hotel in Farnborough, Hampshire close to our shop in Farnborough

Both inside and outside it has sweeping curves that seem to be both ultra-modern and have a touch of Thirties glamour.

The registrars who conduct marriages and civil partnership ceremonies at the Aviator Hotel are part of the excellent team from the nearby Aldershot office. They are some of the most pleasant and easiest to work with in the country. And the registrars couldn’t be more suited to their work; its not just a job for them, its a vocation.

The ceremony took place in the Aviator Hotel’s downstairs suite. The gorgeous design of the room makes for some great wedding photos and video. Our couple’s reception also to place here – high up on the 4th floor with views to match.

The Aviator Hotel Farnborough is pretty much unique in its design both inside and out. The lighting inside is varied in colour to accentuate the architectural and furnishing features and is very low. Professional photographers unfamiliar with this hotel should certainly visit it before the day to familiarise themselves with its technical demands. The Aviator Hotel is an amazing wedding venue for the professional wedding photographer

Wedding Photography at the Aviator Farnborough

We were very excited when S & G booked their wedding at the Aviator Farnborough. We met beforehand at to meet and have a chat in the Sky Bar at the Aviator about the wedding photography for the day.  They did not wish to have a video for the day and so Felicity helped as a second photographer which helped create some candid shots.

About a week before we popped up to the Aviator and met the lovely Hayley is was the wedding coordinator, we worked thorough the plans for the wedding including the logistics of flying the paper aeroplanes instead of the confetti, we expected nothing less as the the groom was a Boeing 737 pilot…

The entire wedding was at the Aviator including the preparations, ceremony and wedding reception which made was excellent, we really made the most of the stunning architecture the Aviator offers. Getting to the hotel was great, it took 60 seconds…our shop is in Farnborough and we also live just round the corner!

The staff at the Aviator are so helpful and accommodating they make a wedding photographers job a dream, they even made us a coffee to go during the photoshoot

We provided over a 1000 beautifully and individually edited wedding photographs and we will show a small selection of around 50. Please take a careful look at our Wedding photography at the Aviator

The Wedding photos at the Aviator finish with a couple of photos taken very close to The Aviator, just to give you more ideas

We love working at the Aviator so if you want an amazing wedding photography experience with a price to match please get in touch

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We have just added a couple of photos from a recent military wedding at the Aviator in Farnborough, for the full selection please go

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