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If you’re one of the thousands of people who are planning your wedding We can imagine how stressed you must feel!

We have already started communicating with our clients whose weddings are coming up, and we think it’s important to communicate with everyone, even as we maintain cautious optimism for the coming years weddings. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have questions or concerns about your own wedding, are thinking of rescheduling, or just want to talk! It is a great honour and joy to be part of couples’ wedding celebrations and I plan to be there for all of you – no matter what! To get the conversation going for now, I have answered some of the most frequently asked questions we have seen floating around the wedding planning world as we all navigate this crisis.

Will you still be photographing our wedding?

Yes, absolutely! we still plan to photograph 100% of the weddings we have scheduled for this year, as long as your event carries forward, we are all healthy, and we follow the guidance set forth by the UK Government including social distancing recommendations. The situation is changing everyday, and I am working hard to stay on top of the most recent guidance and recommendations for photographers

What happens if we reschedule our wedding?

If you choose to reschedule your wedding to a new date, we will move your date. If we can not then under normal cirscumstances we can return your deposit. There are no penalties or fees associated with rescheduling. Contact us as soon as you have made the decision to postpone, keep us updated on the new date you choose, and we will update your contact as needed.

What happens if we cancel our wedding?

If you paid a deposit we do offer a 24 hour "Cooling Off" period where we simply return your payment. After that we reserve the date for you and will not take further bookings on that date, quite often we will turn down further work offers for your date. During the booking process we incurr costs to book, maintain and prepare for your wedding & therefore your deposit would cover our costs and would not be refundable Typically, when we’re not in the middle of a global pandemic, we do charge cancellation fees based on how far out we are from your date. But in the case of COVID-19, which we would consider a “Force Majeure,” there will be no cancellation fees if you choose to cancel and not reschedule your wedding. If you are considering cancelling your wedding and not rescheduling, please let us know as soon as possible, as it would free up your date for another couple as most bookings are normally made at least a year ahead the more notice the better.

What happens if we change our wedding plan to Micro/Small Wedding?

We are hearing lots of buzz about couples opting for small, private ceremonies on their original wedding date rather than rescheduling for a large party. If you choose to change your wedding plan, and thus require fewer hours of photographer coverage, we can adjust the package you already booked and create a new timeline. No problem! You could keep your original date, or reschedule to a new date (see above.) You can invite a smaller number of guests (or none!).

What happens if we get sick? What happens if you get sick?

Our hope is that if you or your future spouse present symptoms of illness, you will follow UK Government recommendations and cancel or postpone your wedding. I will certainly not be attending if you or one of your close family members is exhibiting symptoms! I do not feel comfortable or safe photographing your wedding if you are exhibiting possible symptoms of COVID-19. Similarly, if we exhibit symptoms we will find a replacement photographer to cover your event based on the agreement laid out in our contract. We have a large network of amazing photographers and we have all agreed to support and cover each other if need be.

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